Querencia Travel Consulting: Bienvenidos a México!

Do you long to fully immerse yourself in the culture, music, food and daily life of the people in the new places you are visiting?

With Querencia Travel Consulting, you will experience central Mexico’s rich culture, history, food and people with unique, in-depth experiences that are built into your itinerary according to your interests and desires.  With over 20 years of personal travel to Travel + Leisure’s #1 City in the World, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico and the surrounding Bajío mountains of central Mexico, you will reap the benefits of my connections with local chefs, artists and friends you just haven’t met yet.

Escorted shopping trips to the open air and organic food markets to learn about ingredients you’ve likely never seen before followed by cooking lessons with Chef Alfonso.

Guided walking tours of local street art and sketching classes by my friend and local artist José aka Kaper.

Meet the seamstresses who create incredible clothing, bags and kitchen wares while earning wages in alignment with fair trade.

Spend an afternoon on a working rancho in the countryside visiting and dining with local descendants of the Otomí tribe in their homes.

The possibilities are limitless and I will ensure you have a once-in-a-lifetime experience wandering the hills of central Mexico.  Prior to your trip, you will receive all of my tips, hacks and security guidelines to ensure you are relaxed and ready to create some incredible memories and friendships.

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Schedule a complimentary 45 minute Bajío discovery session today!

Bienvenidos a mi querencia!  Bienvenidos a México!

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